24 May 2018, 22:37

It was tough. Elbrus - I look at you differently now.

 The rise from 2100 to 4200 became decisive for me and I was first faced with a mountain sickness in my life. At first it was bad, then good, then bad again. It seems that the altitude is not too big, it's only 3900 meters (and I've been to it), but how bad it was. It seemed that even just reaching the toilet cost unrealistic efforts. There were acclimatization exits at 4200 and at 4700, sometimes the road was endless. We were walking, but the goal was moving away. From our camp, it was so good to see the summit, right here it is, so close and so far away.

  On the day of storm the top all the day I vomited and I could not eat, so badly I was never in my life. Ratrak, night, cold. The state of health in the literal sense of the word as before death, the legs do not obey, the eyes darken. The weather has deteriorated ... wind

  I will not describe here all the horrors of our state of health, the state of how our group went to the top for more than a day without sleep, how long the climb lasted and how hard it was. So I could not draw a picture on top. I promise to return.

  The picture is still there, I drew it from the top of Cheget. Despite my condition and fatigue. Let it be a real rehearsal.

 Elbrus - you dream of me. We'll be back in August, if you hear, prepare, please, we have good weather and receive as dear guests, we will bring you a gift. Thanks dear Elbrus, you are beautiful!