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19 August 2018, 22:26

Super blitz program: Elbrus, with artificial oxygen.

17.08. Arrival in Azau at 18:00.

18.08. Obtaining equipment rentals,  cable car  for a shelter 3900 m at 11:30.

19.08.  Start at 2:00.  Departure for the ascent by snowcats. Summit at  7:00. Descent to Azau at 11:30. Transfer to the airport at 12:40. Departure from Mineralnye Vody at 17:40.


Mountaineer - Jamil from Baku. Before that, he was on Kilimanjaro, where after 5000 he did not feel very well. Plus lack of free time. So Jamil decided to order our oxygen program.


One oxygen cylinder was used completely. All went well -  without headache and ailments of the climber. A little physical fatigue on the way down. And the weather matched the forecast, the wind was strong and cold, but the climber with the oxygen  did not froze. However, little grabbed the skin on the cheeks next to the mask, as usual.


For those who continue to fight for the purity of mountaineering, despite the thirty-year development of commercial mountaineering in our country, I want to add. This climbing we  do not consider as mountaineering sport. The participant does not consider himself a climber. Those who go to Elbrus without oxygen, we did not consider as goats. Moreover  we applies with large respect, especially to those who goes from Azau with large backpacks.

Guide Sergey Larin.