20 September 2019, 16:39

  Luda Korobeshko, Director of 7 Summits Club and expedition guide from Nepal:

 September 20.  Day 18 of the  Manaslu expedition. This morning the weather has finally pleased us: we saw the blue sky and white Manaslu, waking up in Samagaon.

   We wanted to leave early in the morning, but it turned out that one of the members, Tom, will not be able to continue the expedition. He is still on the descent from the second camp complained about the pain in hand. Looks like it's a sprain. We were hoping he'd get better down the valley. But  the pain only increased.  He had to take painkillers every 3-4 hours, but at night Tom could hardly sleep. In the end, he decided to finish the expedition. We sent him by helicopter to Kathmandu.

  Having overcome 1300 m of a drop in 6 hours, we came to the Base camp which became native already. It is half-buried by snow. Tomorrow our plan is rest. The day after tomorrow, most likely, we go to storm of Manaslu. Plan is the next: 22 September - Camp 1. September 23 - Camp 3. September 24 - Camp 4. September 25 - Summit and descent as low as possible, ideally to BC.