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since 2005
9 January 2019, 13:29

Hello!  It is Alexander Abramov from Antarctica. Today we have several significant events. It's January 9th. First, I want to congratulate Artem Rostovtsev on his next birthday! Secondly, today our team, which has already reached  South Pole and  climbed Mount  Vinson, must fly home. On the mainland, in Chile, a new team arrives, 10 people who are going on bicycles to "conquer" the South Pole.

 As long as Union Glacier has great weather, no wind. The sun shines. All is ready, things are collected. Artem Rostovtsev has already flown to the South Pole. In the morning he will go to meet our team on the transport at the point where the team will land. In General, everything is fine!