27 May 2019, 09:27

In total, 11 members of the 7 Summits Club team and two guides Alexander Abramov and Artem Rostovtsev reached the top of Mount Everest. With them, the highest point was reached by 15 Sherpas as high-altitude porters and guides.  So we have 28 PAX  made the ascent.

 May 23 at the top of Everest stood:

Alexander Abramov (for the 10th time),

Irina Zisman,

Dmitry Ghinkulov,

Arno Ter-Saakov (Latvia),

Andrew Polyakov,

Ivan Pominov, 

Bartolomiej Paczoski (Poland).



May 24 at the top of Everest stood:

Artem Rostovtsev,

Igor Smirnov,

Ludmila Tolstokorova,

Vadim Vokryachko (Azerbaijan) ,

Mircea Baciu (Moldova),

Eugene Staroselsky (Cyprus).