27 May 2019, 10:24

Our leader, captain and head of the expedition of the 7 Summits Club Alex Abramov est successfully coped with all the tasks. He climbed to the highest peak of the world for the 10th time! A few climbers in the world can boast of such an achievement. This is a record for Russia, the CIS and all of continental Europe. Only a couple of English guides and couple of their colleges from USA  have more  Everest summits. We do not take Sherpas into account, they have their own statistics.



How Everest is given – just look at this photo…




Alexander Abramov continues his epic program "Seven peaks in seven months". Ahead -  Elbrus and Denali!




24-05-2004. Alexander Abramov (1-e summit)

20-05-2007. Alexander Abramov (2nd summit) 

20-05-2009. Alexander Abramov, from the South (3rd summit) 

19-05-2012. Alexander Abramov (4th summit) 

19-05-2013. Alexander Abramov (5th summit)

26-05-2014. Abramov Alexander (6th summit)

20-05-2016. Alexander Abramov (7th summit)

22-05-2017. Alexander Abramov (8th summit)

17-05-2018. Alexander Abramov (9th summit)

23-05-2019. Alexander Abramov (10th summit).