28 February 2020, 11:54

Alex Abramov, Prezident of the 7 Summits Club:  So, the season at Aconcagua 2019-2020 ended. The Russian camp of the 7 Summits Club proved to be the best in action. The season was great. We had 7 groups. Of the 63 members, 58 reached the top. 6 guides and 2 Sherpas worked with groups. We worked out the technology of providing sleeping bags in the Colera camp at 6000m.

Two Sherpas worked on the mountain with 5 groups. We set up big tents in the Base Camp Plaza de Mulas. All participants lived one at single tents. We enjoyed life, drank wine, danced. And at the same time, we successfully climbed to the summit. Everyone returned alive and healthy, and happy. Everyone returned home as real heroes.