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since 2005
11 March 2020, 12:24

March 7th. There is one road from Baranco camp to the top, but you can choose options. Go immediately to the Barafu assault camp or with an intermediate overnight in Karanga camp. We are following the second option. It’s more reliable and more likely to reach the top. And the beginning of both paths is the wall of Baranko, for some reason everyone is scared before, and "difficult - good" after. We passed. We reached the Karanga camp with the slogan“main thing is not to get tired”, and before the rain.




March 8th. The group climbed to Barafu camp. We have everything according to plan, at night the team goes to the top, we plan to be at the highest point by dawn. That's just the weather is rainy. But precipitation does not affect our progress in any way.