6 May 2021, 22:05

Anastasia Kuznetsova, the 7 Summits Club guide, from Tanzania: 

News from Tanzania! Day 4 on Kilimanjaro. The 7 Summits Club  group passed the test and now we go further according to plan B. That is, we pass two transitions in a day, and spend the night in the camp of Barafu at 4600 m. Next, according to the plan, the transition to the camp of Kosovo at 4800 and the assault on the summit. We started today from Barranco Camp, one of the most beautiful in Kilimanjaro. At night at the foot the city of Moshi twinkled and the stars shone, and in the morning opened a view of the entire massive of Kilimanjaro. We were able to walk along the Barranco wall in good weather and as soon as we climbed the wall, it started to drizzle. Then we enjoyed the beauty of the Karangu Valley and in the late afternoon we went up to Barafu, which means "snow camp"in Swahili. Hello and warm hugs from sunny Tanzania!