23 July 2021, 19:45

Alexander Abramov, President of the 7 Summits Club, from Kyrgyzstan:

Greetings to all from the team "Hello, Mountain Fever" from Lenin Peak! Now our team is resting in Camp 1 and is preparing to storm the summit of Lenin Peak. So far, only 3 people have reached the summit due to the weather. But the weather is getting better and we have a chance.

Our team's plan:

24th Camp 2, 5300 m;

25th Camp 3, 6100 m;

26th ascent to the top and overnight at Camp 3;

27th descent to the Camp 1 4400 m;

28th descent to the Base Camp and transfer to Osh.

Guides Abramov Alexander and Nikita Slotin.