15 August 2021, 04:52

Anastasia Kuznetsova, guide and manager of the 7 Summits Club from Turkey: And again news from Ararat! The season continues! A team of guides Alex Abramov, Sergey Avtomonov and Anastasia Kuznetsova arrived in Turkey to complete preparations for the arrival of the next group. Tomorrow, a large team of Fyodor Konyukhov will arrive, which will have to climb the highest peak of Turkey, the legendary Ararat volcano (5165 m). The weather in Ararat is uncharacteristic this season, strong storms and rains are not uncommon for this summer. The team will be tested for strength. The flight from Istanbul to Van was slightly delayed and landed already during the enchanting sunset over Lake Van. The lake itself is akin to the wonder of the world, the largest soda lake in the world with a unique water composition.

We are waiting for the group tomorrow!



And yes, the Bosphorus and Istanbul from a bird's-eye view (and even higher) are also very good! A city of contrasts, east/west, a mixture of cultures and civilizations. This is a separate topic.

 For the first time we went to land in Van, flying through the city itself. We even saw the hotel where we are now located. They usually come in from the other side. It's also an interesting experience.