11 November 2022, 14:22

The guide of the 7 Summits Club Svetlana Kotlyar reports from Papua New Guinea:

Less than two days have passed since I got to Papua New Guinea!  The route to the country of exotics is far from the easiest:  Moscow 🇷🇺- Abu Dhabi 🇦🇪 - Manila 🇵🇭 - Port Moresby 🇬🇳 - Mount Hagen ..

I haven't gotten this far yet, and I found out about the existence of the names of some cities from the list just a month ago. The last weeks of preparation have been stressful.  Sheets of correspondence with a partner, detailed discussion of the program, communication with participants, booking tickets, constant monitoring of covid rules at the docking points, waiting for a visa...

 It seemed that a little more and my eye would start twitching! Before the trip, I slept for three hours and, having finished collecting a 35-kg bag, moved to Sheremetyevo.  I remember the face of a nice girl Tatiana at the reception and her sincere surprise in her eyes: "Where is this?!"

Manila caused the most concern, which did not completely cancel the covid restrictions. I had to get my luggage, change the terminal, walk across the street and check in for the next flight. All these actions equated to a visit to the Philippines.  What happened in fact: at the exit of the plane, I was met by two nice girls with a sign with my name on it. They found my luggage themselves, helped me carry it, put me on a bus to another terminal, checked me in for the next flight!  And at the same time, in fact, they did not look at any documents, except for a visa to Papua!

 In Port Moresby, one meticulous aunt tried to remove the sausage from my trunk! But I said that we, tourists, in your Papuan mountains, there is definitely no way without it! Last domestic flight to Mount Hagen. Permitted baggage is 16 kg. The surcharge for the preponderance is around $ 60-70.

— Where are you from?

— From Russia. I'm going to Mount Hagen, tomorrow I'll meet the group and we'll go to the Giluve volcano!

They smile..

— There is no need to pay anything extra. Do you know where to go on a domestic flight? Let's take you out!

Papua New Guinea welcomed me so hospitably!

Tomorrow I meet a group and - let the adventures begin!