14 February 2022, 10:01

The decisive stage of the preparation of the Everest-22 expedition has begun. Alexander Abramov is flying to Nepal to prepare it. Now the 7 Summits Club's team has 17 participants, 4 guides and 20 high-altitude Sherpa porters. Not counting the same number of Nepalese who will work below, ensuring the life of the expedition. All this must be arranged in advance: equipment, oxygen, a team of Sherpas, permits...  This week in Kathmandu is allocated for the preparation of the expedition. In addition to the classic ascent of Mount Everest, this year there will be a team that will go up to 7000m with the passage of the Khumbu icefall. Also, in the spring season more than 10 trekking groups of the 7 Summits Club will storm the Base Camp and the surrounding mountains above 6000m.