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19 April 2022, 05:19

At five in the morning, very sleepy, we arrived at the airport. And flew to Lukla.

Everything turned out somehow quickly.  The hotel, the airport, the first flight was ours. We hand over our things and immediately go to the plane. A small plane for 15 people. Forty minutes of flight among the mountains, and now we are landing at Lukla airport. 

A short runway in one direction breaks off into an abyss, in the other - rests on the slope.  Very impressive.  Airplanes take off and land one after the other like fixed-route taxis. It is necessary to have time to make as many flights as possible before the weather deteriorates.

 Lukla Airport is considered one of the most dangerous. Takeoff and landing here require considerable skill.

 In Lukla we have breakfast and set out on our way. Today we are waiting for a short walk to Phading. Four hours of a simple walk.