17 May, 05:00

 At 4:10 Nepal time, a message from Alexander Abramov came over the radio:

 Everyone who came out of the saddle (8 participants, 2 guides and Sherpas) reached the top!!!  There is a descent ahead - congratulations are accepted only at the base camp.


List of climbers:

Alexander Brychkin

Natalia Bykovskaya

Veronika Zaripova

Kovalenko Lilia

Kuprichenkov Fedor

Manevich Boris

Motorkin Sergey

Rumyantseva Olga


Alexander Abramov

Artem Rostovtsev.


Dmitry Ermakov and Mikhail Kozlov did not go on the ascent for health reasons.


Sherpas guides:

1          Lakpa Gelu Sherpa

2          Lakpa Sherpa

3          Lakpa Ongjuk Sherpa

4          Ngima Dorchi Sherpa

5          Dawa Sherpa

6          Ngima Nurbu Sherpa

7          Dawa Temba Sherpa- LHOTSE SHERPA

8          Rinjin Wongel Sherpa

9          Ngima Thindu Sherpa

10        Nima Dindu Sherpa

11        Nima Ungdi Sherpa

12        Ngima Ongda Sherpa

13        Dawa Chhiring Sherpa

14        Lakpa Gelu Sherpa

15        Mingdukpa Sherpa

16        Milan Sherpa

17        Lakpa Nurbu Sherpa

18        Ngima Ongdi Sherpa

19        Rinjen Sherpa

20        Pemba Nurbu Sherpa