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since 2005
10 August 2022, 21:34

The guide of the 7 Summits Club Alexander Spirin reports from Tanzania:

Our team is called "Wet Cats"! "Wet pussies" are the guides' fantasies! Cats love comfort and beauty, which African nature has offered us in abundance today. It enveloped us with rocky landscapes overgrown with indescribable endemics, mysterious caves and blue "Roerich" mountains in the distance. We walked smoothly, almost like a cat, overcoming difficult stone passages. In the camp, as a bonus, the Tanzanian part of the group organized a local disco, where our cats did not lag behind in joy from the Kilimanjarian dances. The evening was lulled by a romantic sunset. And tomorrow will be a new day…

Alexandra's guides: Abramov and Spirin.