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since 2005
8 March, 23:19

Svetlana Kotlyar, Coordinator of the Mountaineering School of the 7 Summits Club in Khibiny:

Congratulations to all the girls on the International Women's Day! Today our team made a festive ascent to Takhtarvumchorr by two routes of difficulty category 2A: "Iksy" and "Cleft".  We were divided into 2 groups: the first part of the participants made the ascent under the leadership of Alexey Lonchinsky, the second — under the leadership of Ratmir Mukhametzyanov.

The first sections of simple climbing moved simultaneously. When the rocks of more difficult categories began, the leader moved first, hung up fixed ropes.  All the participants successfully climbed to the top, and after that they went to the hotel, where a festive dinner in honor of "March 8th" was waiting for us. We congratulated the female half of the group and shared our impressions of today! Tomorrow is the day of theoretical classes, analysis of today's ascent and preparation for the next one.

Supergids: Alexey Lonchinsky and Ratmir Mukhametzyanov.

Coordinators of the mountaineering school: Svetlana Kotlyar and Daria Sivova.