28 November 2011, 14:29

According blogs of our Norwegian colleagues and Victor's short message, the group left on a route. More than week they have spent on the basis of Union Glacier. And before the delay for a week was in in Punta Arenas. At first, the weather was bad, then malfunction of the plane, then – emergency flight to Vinson. Backlog from the schedule makes almost half-month. The commands which have left on a route earlier, is successful moving on Amundsen and Scott ways. Our expedition only begins the program. Within two days the group has been transfered from the Union Gleacier on the glacier of Axel Hejberg, to the foot of Peak of Nansen, the ascension on which is a part of the obligatory program of the Norwegian anniversary. Our well trained group started quickly forward, covering up to 25 km a day. High tempo for heavy loaded people.

Some pictures from Union Glacier >>>>>>>