9 December 2011, 17:28

Victor Bobok and Igor Grishkov continue their journey to the South Pole. They go independently, separately from the Norwegian expedition. «For today we have passed 24 km, it remains for three days. If to look on a map, consider on a straight line, it remains 55 km form 250 km on start. In a reality it will be 60 - 65 kilometers with all detours and obstacles.

We go in accuracy along Amundsen's camps. We read his diaries, we are verifying. The weather as it isn't strange, is the same as hundred years ago. Sometimes the horizon merges with the earth and the sky, then it is visible nothing. Temperatures - approximately from -20 to, one time -50 The most difficult was in the beginning of our way, due the absence of acclimatization at height and heavy sledge!

An altitude of a point of disembarkation was 3150 m., and the Pole, approximately 3800 m.

Every day we worked from 5-30 a.m. till 10 p.m.. The wind somehow blew, 12-19 meters per second, a real storm. So we have managed in this wind to remove our tent, to pass 8,5 km and to put it again! In the beginning we carried sledge on 50 kg everyone. But the sledges become now easier, we eat, we burn fuel down.

We hope to reach the Pole on December, 14th under the Russian flag with shouts «Forward!». Exactly 100 years after Amundsen.

Now we observe a bad weather, as in Amundsen's diaries.

All greetings!

Victor Bobok and Igor Grishkov