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Alex Abramov from Katmandu

8 April 2012, 19:51: Hello! Alexander Abramov from Kathmandu, Expedition Everest - 2012. Today, Sergei Larin was due to arrive, but his flight was detained. He is still in Delhi. Yesterday 20 of our Sherpas had already left to the base camp. They will establish a base camp. And with them went our guide Noelle Hannah. ... MORE »
# 1. Roxanne von Nordheim, 13/04/2012 01:59
Hi Joeseph Pratt
Ist es dir schon kalt?
Einen dicken Kuss
# 2. June & George Phillips, 22/04/2012 18:39
Lots and lots of supplies Jozeff Pratt. We love you. xoxo
# 3. Manfred von Nordheim, 30/04/2012 19:03
Joe: I just want you to know that I wish you and the whole team a successful climb and a safe return. In Germany they would say: Hals- und Beinbruch. Manfred
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