20 February 2015, 13:32

Climbing season on Aconcagua is coming to end, the Argentine summer ends. This year, the 7 Summits Club sent in this wonderful country three groups. Total for the season under the guidance of our guide Vladimir Kotlyar the highest peak in South America was reached by 12 people. Our congratulations to all!

And those who failed, we invite to try again next year! Climbing the Aconcagua is not simple, and adverse weather conditions there may be an insurmountable obstacle.

But still all those who visit these places remain enthusiastic recollection of the beauty and majesty of the mountains, of fantastic sunset, on grand scree and colorful rocks. As well as strong wind and altitude sickness, and the people had to withstand this elements. People that warmed by friendship and red wine.

Is it possible to transfer all of this in the photos? You can, if you try.

See how great it turned out at our third group, under the code name "Corkscrew" ...

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