9 May 2014, 07:35

Have a good day! Lyudmila Korobeshko from an expedition to Greenland, on Gunnbjorn. So, today we were able to arrive at this world's largest island. Although the weather turned bad, we arrived at Constable Point (this is the nearest point that is already in Greenland). Despite the clouds, we made an attempt to fly farther on Twin Otter. And the pilots were able to overcome this cloudy .

Here we pitched our base camp. True, Mount Gunnbjorn we can not yet see. Our base camp is located at 5 kilometers far than usual one. And in another valley, where we see two other, quite beautiful peaks, Dome and Cone. Basically, everything is fine. However, the weather is cold enough, in the evening we were frozen. After 7 p.m. it bacame very cold, almost like in Antarctica. Probably somewhere minus 15, minus 20. But we do not lose heart, warmed up in our tents near burners.