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SUMMIT of Mount Elbrus! The first ascent of this summer


11/06/2014 23:02

Guide 7 Summits Club Alexandra Sak reports:

Hi! June 11 at 9:30 am, we were standing on the top of Mount Elbrus. The Gigant was in surprisingly good mood - probably the first such day since the beginning of the season: clear, bright moon, the stars, the beautiful sunrise, almost no wind. There is too much snow, but we managed. And as soon as we went down again all sucked. I'm Writing now from Leaprus refuge - outside we can not see anything, strong winds and snowing again. Overall, we were very fortunate that slipped. Can congratulate us :)

5 people were in the team:

Gulnara Talipova;

Andrei Polyakov with her daughter;

Alexei Kolesnikov;

Charles Nuzum (USA).



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