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SUMMIT! Elbrus for a group of Vitaly Simonovic Elbrus. Congratulations!


28/08/2014 22:23

Hello! Alexander Abramov calls from the best, perhaps, in the Elbrus mountain, refuge-shelter named LeapRus. Today our team reached the summit of Mount Elbrus. This is the team Vitaly Simonovich. It consisted of 11 members and 4 guide. As a result, three guides and eight members reached the summit. One of the guides pulled down three women from this team.

And the weather was terrible, on top we spent literally two minutes. Generally, in principle, in this weather you should not go up. But there was a great desire to raise people and to introduce them to climbing.

And we went down to the shelter just in 3. 30 p.m.. With that, we started climbing at 4 a,m,. That is, it is practically 12:00 it lasted. Once again, a strong wind in the afternoon, closer to the top, the snowfall began. Visibility was about 10 meters, and can be less. But it is only in the area of ​​the top, below the saddle was all fine.

The guys all are happy, everyone is happy, thank us. In general, everything is fine ...

Tomorrow we have in the Terskol village, our office organizes, holiday season closing for the guides. Invited all our members climb Elbrus.

And I will say that the shelter LeapRus - this, of course, some fantastic tale. I can not believe that we live here. That all, good-bye!














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