2 July 2015, 17:49


Hello! This is Ludmila Korobeshko, I report from the expedition on McKinley (Denali). Today, as planned, we went into the assault camp (High camp) at 5200. In general, the weather in the morning was quite cold, but the fixed ropes it was warmer. However, when we reached the ridge leading to the camp, we got a strong wind. We came to the camp almost in a snowstorm, there was nothing to be seen. We walked for a long time, about 9-10 hours. We went out in 10 a.m. and came probably after 7 p.m.
Now we put the camp, sitting in tents. Strong wind, no visibility. While we will watch the weather. It is difficult to have any plans to build. ... But in general everything is fine, all people went into the camp, all are healthy.
Best regards!