6 October 2015, 19:01

Alex Abramov from Chamonix:

Today (5th of October) our team had been training on the glacier Mer de Glace on the slopes of Mont Blanc, near the station Helbronner at 3500m. At first, not all members had enough oxygen. Plus, it seems, before us, very few people went there. Therefore, we trample the snow above the knee. Some of us even fell, and as a result actually fall into a crack. It starts a pulling-out or self-rescue.

The result of today: a conclusion that it is better never to fall into a crevasse! It is not the fact that your partner have the strength and ability to get you out into the daylight.

In the evening, it was a small party of songs with guitar and by the fire!

Everybody is happy. Now we go on a training climb on one of the most famous peaks - Grand Paradiso (4061m) in Italy.