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25 September 2017, 20:26

Alexander Abramov, head of the expedition to Manaslu, from the base camp:

News of the expedition "Manaslu 2017 – 7 Summits Club".


The secret plan of the ascent is made up. Yesterday Andrei Volkov, Andrey Mareyev and Roman Bryk joined us. They plan to climb Manaslu without oxygen. So, now we have 3 teams. Today the first team of 6 members and 6 Sherpas went to the ascent. Plan: today - camp 1. Tomorrow - Camp 3. The day after tomorrow - Camp 4 and at night – a summit bid. Everyone climbs with oxygen. The group is headed by Sergey Larin.  With guides Volodya Kotlyar and Artem Rostovtsev. The second group goes the same way with one day of displacement. 2 members, one guide (Abramov) and 2 Sherpa.

Today the first group was seeing off.


The weather is damp at the bottom. The first group is already in camp 1. They say there is a sun. Tomorrow we will go to the sun!