Providing expeditions
since 2005
21 January 2018, 09:49

Hello! Alexander Abramov from the expedition Ojos del Salado. Today our first group of 18 people arrived in probably the most beautiful place of the Atacama desert, Laguna Verde. For this we had to package the whole camp at Laguna Rosa, to say goodbye to the flamingos. And then two and a half hours we were traveling by car on a very dusty road. Thank God, no one wheel is broke. And here we are at Laguna Verde.

Here our advance team has already put us in large tents Red Fox, four by six, the dining room and the same... for the kitchen.

We brought everything, we have a huge amount of food, water, gas. We currently employ three chefs. Anyway, all is well. Tomorrow we will begin the program in Laguna Verde.

 Everyone feels so good. The height is almost four and a half thousand meters.