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14 May 2018, 22:14

Today, Alexander Abramov called from the North Col of Everest. The first group under his leadership successfully and quickly climbed today from 6400 to 7000. In just 3.5 hours. They were forced to trail, as it snowed a lot. All members are well and cheerful. They send greetings to friends and relatives! Tomorrow morning they will go at 7700.


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The first group spends the night on North Col (7000 meters)




List of members:

Alexander Abramov, guide

Cyril Semechkin

Vladimir Belkovich

Dmitry Tertychnyy (17 years old)

Alexander Tertychnyy

Dmitry Tomilin

Alexander Logachev

Alexander Popov

Alexey Balakin

Kamil Suchanski (Poland).


The second group is located in the camp ABC, at an altitude of 6400 meters.



Vladimir Kotlyar, guide

Artem Rostovtsev, guide

Karina Mezova, high altitude cameraman

Vasily Shakhnovsky

Alexey Safonov

Irina Zelenkova.



Here, in ABC, Doctor Sergey Larin is always on duty.




The third group sleeps in the intermediate (Middle) camp.


Dmitry Ermakov, guide

Andrey Mariev, guide

Maxim Shakirov, guide

Ksenia Samarina

Yuri Gurgov

Alexey Bakulin

Ayrat Yunusov

Zemfira Yunusova

Igor Demyanenko

Jamil Murtazina.


All members are "in form", full of strength and desire to reach the top. The weather window is promised long and can be expected in the coming days of mass ascents to the summit. From the Southern (Nepali) side, about 50 people have reached the highest point today. Among them, Australian Steve Plain, who set a new speed record for "Seven Summits". From now on it is 117 days.