17 May 2018, 23:08

Alexander Abramov climbed to the top of Mount Everest in the 9th time. Congratulations! Our captain has long earned the right to be called "the legend of Everest". By the number of climbs and number of clients reached the top in his expeditions, Alex has no equal in Eastern Europe. And he is among the top ten guides around the world, where all but him are Americans or Englishmen.

 In the storage of photos of the 7 Summits Club we have dozens of pictures taken by Alex during his climb in different years. But he had never sent such a large and detailed photo report as now. This may speak of some things: the weather was perfect, the ascent went without big problems (the group went well, there were no sick), the technique for filming became better, the photographer felt good and so on…

 Once again, our congratulations to all climbers of the first group! Waiting for a repeat of success from the second and the third! Good luck!