6 January, 04:39

Guide to the 7 Summits Club Andrey Berezin reports from Argentina:

Bon Dias!  "Argentina, one love." Today we leave the cozy corner of the Penitents and move on. First, the bus took us to the entrance to the Aconcagua National Park, where we registered our permits and received the necessary instructions about the rules of behavior in the park. Then we went to the Confluencia camp, which is located at an altitude of 3400 meters. For the first hour the sun shone brightly and it was hot, then the weather began to deteriorate, and when we were already approaching the Confluencia, a headwind blew and a rain began to fall. Here we needed all the necessary set of clothes that we had in our backpacks: from light fleece to membrane.  We settled at the Confluencia in two houses.  Now we are resting, waiting for dinner. Tomorrow we are going towards the Plaza Francia.  The guides of the group are Andrey Berezin and Viktor Volodin.