13 January, 04:41

The guide of the 7 Summits  Club Andrey Berezin reports from Argentina:

Buenos Dias! After a day of rest and a medical examination, the team of "Argentina one love" went for an acclimatization overnight at Nido de Condores. In the afternoon, the weather turned bad and they went out to the camp in bad weather.  We settled in tents two by two, ate buckwheat porridge for dinner, then went to sleep in tents. So to speak, to get a high-altitude experience. At night, the wind was gusting more than 40 km/h. In the morning, we quickly gathered, shared our impressions of the overnight stay, had breakfast and went down to the Mulas. Snow fell decently overnight. In places it was above the knee. As a result, we successfully completed the acclimatization exit, tomorrow we rest and prepare for the summit assault. The guides of the group are Andrey Berezin and Viktor Volodin.