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7 January, 21:17

The guide of the 7 Summits Club Evgeny Fedyunin reports from Tanzania:

Jambo Rafiki! The morning in Moorland, as always, is damp and humid. But it is worth leaving the tent, and beautiful views of the Kilimanjaro massif and Mount Meru 4562m are provided! The Akukaracha group of the 7 Summits Club continues its Machame Route today. Today is one of the most difficult days, the climb and drop of 900m altitude. According to the plan, first there is an acclimatization ascent to the Lava Tower 4640m, there is lunch.  Moorland is replaced by an Arctic desert, a kingdom of rocks, mosses and lichens.  The dry season, after all, is in no hurry ... drizzle, fog and dampness continue to bother at the crossings! The Lava Tower is hiding in the fog again. From Lava Tower, passing the valley of Senecio grass palms, we went down to Camp Baranco 3900m, we spend the night here, fog... For some participants, today's  trek has become a personal challenge and a real revelation, the discovery of their capabilities! The Baranko wall, as always, is impressive! Guides Sergey Avtomonov and Evgeny Fedyunin.