9 January, 04:45

Director of the 7 Summits Club Lyudmila Korobeshko reports from Chile:

January 8. Greetings to all from Atacama, from Chile! Our Papas Bravas group relocated today to Laguna Verde, 4300. On the way, we finally saw the purpose of our trip - the volcano Ojos del Salado, covered with snow. On the way, we visited the unique Lama River, which flows in the desert and has a thermal origin.

We set up camp in a secret place - near our large group. The most difficult thing was to set up a tent-toilet: it was carried away three times until we could fix it. Before dinner, we drove to the hot springs and soaked in the thermal baths.  And for dinner, Abramov's group descended to the camp, after climbing  the six-thousandth San Francisco. We congratulated them.  Tomorrow we are going to acclimatize to Mulas Muertas. If we get up early, then in the morning we go to the hot springs to drink a cup of coffee in a hot bath…