5 March, 21:54

Svetlana Kotlyar reports from the Kola Peninsula:

Greetings to all from Kirovsk from the participants of the mountaineering school in Khibiny!  Today, the “Khibinian Prusiki” team made its first ascent on Takhtarvumchorr by route 1B grade through the Geographers Pass.  The route was completed simultaneously in ropes. The weather was pleasing from the very morning: frost and sun!  The members got a lot of emotions and practiced simultaneous movement in ropes and teamwork.

Tomorrow is a rest day according to the plan. In the first half of the day we will conduct theoretical classes. And also — today is an excellent forecast for the Northern lights! We're leaving in an hour to catch it!

Super-guides: Alexey Lonchinsky, Ratmir Mukhametzyanov.

Coordinators of the mountaneering school: Svetlana Kotlyar, Daria Sivova.