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5 May, 07:16

Boris Egorov, the guide of the 7 Summits Club, reports from Papua New Guinea:

After the Giluwe volcano, the "stars in boots" team began to rest. We need to recover our strength in three days with a second ascent of Mount Wilhelm, the highest point in Papua. And we spend this time usefully, a cultural program has begun. In the morning we admired the birds of paradise. And we spent the rest of the day visiting a small local village. A whole pig was cooked especially for us.  In the traditional way in the ground, overlaid with banana leaves and red-hot stones. This method is called mumu. They also dressed up in festive clothes for us and arranged male and female dances. We were led through the sacred place of the village. Despite the fact that the entire population is Christians, they still keep the skulls of ancient warriors and worship them.