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5 May, 04:57

The guide of the 7 Summits Club Anastasia Kuznetsova reports from Morocco:

Today is an important day! The day of the assault on the summit of Jebel Tubkal (4167 m), the highest in North Africa. Oddly enough, Moroccans do not consider themselves Africans and mention in conversation that they have never been to Africa.  But, I got a little distracted. Jebel in Arabic means mountain, and not part of the name, as some people think. So the Energy group stood today at the top of this jebel in full force, which everyone was incredibly happy about. All the guys - with the top!!!

On the descent, between conversations, it turned out that in the valley leading to the shelter, halfway, there is a holy place where the trial of the king of genies was once held. People come here from all over North Africa (and even Celine Dion came in the old days) to pray and ask for something important. Women usually ask for a husband or children here, men for healing.

And the Energy group is now resting in an atmospheric mountain loggia overlooking the valley and gaining strength before further adventures!

Greetings to all from Morocco, guide Anastasia Kuznetsova.