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18 June, 23:25

Guide and manager of the 7 Summits Club Anastasia Kuznetsova reports from Iran:

 Greetings from Larijan! Larijan is a village in Iran with hot springs at the foot of Demavend. Our team of the 7 Summits Club started from here towards the Demavend base camp called Barham Sevom (4150 m).

At the camp with the mosque, we loaded our luggage onto jeeps and started the ascent on foot. The process of climbing showed that we have the best team. We decided to rename it "The Expendables" (but perhaps this is also not the final name of the group). All the participants went together and helped each other. There were no other groups on the mountain besides our group. This confirmed that we have chosen the right strategy. And of course, everyone was pleased with the surprise from our chefs. We didn't eat such yummy food even in restaurants in Tehran. Now we are resting and preparing for tomorrow.

Your guides are Valery Myasoyedov, Evgeny Fedyunin, project coordinator - Anastasia Kuznetsova.

We invite everyone to Iran!