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25 June, 07:57

A Guide of the 7 Summits Club Valery Myasoedov reports from Iran:

Greetings from Iran! The third day of the "Inquisitive" program turned out to be the most intense. From the Shemshak hotel we went for acclimatization on the Akhangarak mountain, 3400 m. It was a hot day, a steep climb, we had to work hard, but when we approached the top, our Iranian guide Hossein announced that we were the first Russian group to climb this landmark peak. That's such an achievement! Next, lunch at a super restaurant on the riverbank, chicken kebab was delicious! After lunch, transfer to Demavend to get permits at the office of the Iranian Mountaineering Federation and, finally, to Larijan with its thermal waters. For dinner ... kebab again! ... but it is impossible to refuse this yummy, especially good was the lamb liver kebab and chicken fat. We ate everything, even asked for supplements. Tomorrow we climb to the refuge at 4200 m, the final and most important part of the program begins.