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2 July, 22:34

The guide of the 7 Summits Club Evgeny Fedyunin reports from Iran:

Greetings from Iran!  Today, the Deniski group of the 7 Summits Club leaves civilization for a few days. ahead of the high-altitude acclimatization and climbing the summit of Demavend 5671m.

After spending a night in Larijan, a village with hot springs at the foot of Damavand, in the morning we boarded local jeeps and drove to the parking lot with a mosque 3020m. There we loaded the luggage onto mules and started trekking.  There were noticeably more people on the Mountain. But the second wave of blooming poppies went, the beauty is indescribable.

 We were walking in one group, the first long part, it's definitely not worth rushing! Slight fatigue and everyone is happy! In the evening, we congratulated our participant Anya on her Birthday with a cake (our chefs surprised her with their skill again)! She's thrilled! We invite everyone to Iran!

Your guides are Valery Myasoyedov, Evgeny Fedyunin, Olga Startseva.