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1 August, 21:11

Hello everyone from Peru!

  For three whole days we had no communication, and by the way, a lot of interesting things happened. Looking ahead, you can congratulate us on the first peak of our program — we have successfully ascended the Peak of Maria 5550m!

  It all started with the Rainbow Mountains and a mini ascent of Vinikunka 5036m. Unfortunately, we were not very lucky with the weather and we practically did not see the most important Rainbow Mountain. However, after the descent, when we continued trekking to our first camp, we were able to see the Rainbow Mountains in all its glory!

  Our first stop was the Ausangate Lagoon, and after that — the Base Camp of Maria Peak — our first ascent in the Peruvian Andes. It was one of the most picturesque treks: herds of alpacas, snowy peaks, mountain rivers and endless steppes of the Southern Andes.

  Last night we launched an assault on Maria Peak. The ascent was not easy. Local guides decided to take a shortcut through a rocky pass, which turned out to be quite dangerous. But thanks to the experience of our super-guide Boris Egorov, we were able to safely pass through this pass and climb to the top.

  In the evening we went down to the hot springs in the village of Pakchanta, from where we went back to Cuzco.   Today we are flying to the cultural capital of Arequipa, where we will continue the program.

The guides Boris Egorov and Daria Sivova are in touch.