Providing expeditions
since 2005
31 August, 16:59

So, as a final preparation, our small team spent the night in the Llaca Valley in a shelter at an altitude of 4500 meters. The next morning we climbed a multi-pitch with a pleasant climbing on a granite wall. The whole route was led by our friend Alexey! We moved very quickly and smoothly. It's good when the team is solidary and we already understand each other half a word. Unfortunately, when we went down and got in touch, the news came that blocked the road to our main goal, Mount Sphinx. And now we can only wait and hope that the blockage will be cleared and we will be able to make the ascent. While we are resting, we are thinking about a backup plan, for example, to go another fivethousander, trample the snow with crampons.

Guides Boris Egorov and Vladimir Murzaev.