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13 June, 21:05

So our great African adventure on Kilimanjaro has come to an end. In the last days of the ascent, we sometimes had no connection, sometimes we didn't have time at all.
Now that we're down in the plain, we can exhale and tell you everything.

After climbing to the Kibo camp at an altitude of 4,700 meters, we began to acclimatize. We spent the night and the whole day there, during which we took a short walk around the neighborhood. All the time in the camp we were being buffeted by the incessant very strong wind. It seemed that a little more and not only the tents would fly away, but also the houses. They say that such a wind has not been seen on Kilimanjaro for a long time.
But you can't scare us with the wind. Therefore, as planned, after the day at 4700 at night we went out to climb.

Slowly, to the songs of local guides, we climbed to the edge of the crater. And by dawn they went up there. After that, we continued along the crater to the top. And by eight in the morning, the whole group had reached the highest point in Africa.
Then there was a long descent to Kibo camp. And then - to the Horombo camp, where the farewell ceremony with the team took place the next day. It was a little sad that everything ended so quickly, but I really wanted to take a hot shower.

Therefore, without delaying the ceremony, saying goodbye, we went down the valley. Twenty kilometers of scenic road is the perfect end to a journey. A little battered, burned, but happy, we went down to the gates of the national park, from where our journey began a week ago.
And in the evening there was a farewell dinner with the presentation of commemorative awards to all participants of the trip.Saying goodbye, everyone has already started planning a new trip.
The guides Olga Rumyantseva, Boris Egorov and the Amasing group were with you.