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COMBO! Climbing the Vinson Massif + South Pole "Last Degree" (skiing 111km to the South Pole). Antarctica

In this magnificent land of wide open landscapes, majestic beauty and rugged tales of exploration, we introduces the challenging expedition-style program, Ski Last Degree. Ski Last Degree captures the essence of polar exploration in a 2-3 week trip. It is ideal for those who want the serious challenge of a polar expedition, but do not have the time or resources to commit to a full-length expedition from the coast.
30 days
Group: 1-10
89 900 USD
Deposit: 10 000 USD
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  • Price includes
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Day 1
Arrival in Punta Arenas, hotel accommodation.
Day 2
Buying food and equipment if needed.
Day 3
Briefing in the Adventure Network office. Packing the equipment.
Day 4
Flight to Antarctica to the camp Union Glacier, accommodation in the camp.
Day 5
Flight from Union Glacier to Vinson Massif Basecamp at 2,150m
Day 6
Acclimatisation day. Preparation for the ascent.
Day 7
8 hours walk to Camp 2 (2,900 m) with backpack and sled.
Day 8
6 hours acclimatisation climb to Camp 3 (3,900 m) and return to Camp 2.
Day 9
Acclimatisation day.
Day 10
6 hours climb to Camp 3 (3,900 m).
Day 11
Summit day.
Day 12
Extra day in case of bad weather.
Day 13
Descent to BC.
Day 14
Flight from BC to Union Glacier.
Day 15
Reserve day in case of delayed departure from Punt Arenas other participants.
Day 16
Instructions before departure at the 89th degree, preparation for departure and the ski trip.
Day 17
Flight to latitude 89 South. Skiing to South Pole.
Days 18-26
Skiing to South Pole. Arrival to the South pole, return flight to Union Glacier.
Day 27
Rest in Union Glacier
Day 28
Reserve day in case of delayed flight from Antarctica.
Day 29
Flight from Union Glacier to Punta Arenas.
Day 30
Flight home
Deposit for reservations 10 000 USD
Full payment 90 days before
No refund if you cancel less than 90 days!
Date Guides Price Group
December 17, 2020 - January 15, 2021
89 900 USD
1 member
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Deposit for reservations 10 000 USD
Full payment 90 days before
No refund if you cancel less than 90 days!
Date Guides Price Group
December 17, 2020 - January 15, 2021
89 900 USD
1 member
  join the group
Price includes
  • Meeting and seeing off in Punta Arenas (PA), Chile.
  • Hotel reservations in Punta Arenas.
  • Obligatory briefing before the departure to Antarctica.
  • Flights PA – Union Glacier (UG) and back by Ilyushin-76 plane
  • Local flight Union Glacier - BC Vinson - Union Glacier
  • Local flight Union Glacier - 89 SP / 90 SP - Union Glacier
  • Food and lodging in Antarctica.
  • Group equipment for the climb.
  • Skiing equipment (ski, sleigh and ski poles)
  • Climbing guide and supporting staff including a doctor for the whole trip.
  • Luggage allowance (25 kg on all flights in Antarctica).
  • Top climb medal
  • Team jacket (Polartec&Windbloc) with 7 summits Club logo.
  • T-shirt with 7 summits Club logo
Price does not include
  • Chilean multiple entry visa (when we leave for Antarctica, you are going through immigration and officially leaving Chile and will, therefore, need another visa to re-enter after the climb.)
  • International flights to Punta Arenas, Chile (IATA code: PUQ).
  • Accommodation and meals in Punta Arenas (we will reserve any hotel you like, but you are responsible for the costs).
  • Personal camping and climbing clothing and equipment.
  • Ski boots
  • Extra expenses in Punta Arenas due to flight delays before or after the expedition.
  • Extra expenses due to an early return from Antarctica for whichever reason.
  • Excess weight, over 25kg (which includes hand luggage!); excess weight is currently charged at USD $ 77 per kilo (!)
  • Medical and evacuation insurance covering climbing to 5000m (with at least 300,000 USD in coverage)

Trip overview

Santiago, Chile - Punta Arenas - Union Glacier - 
89 SP - 90 SP  - Union Glacier - Vinson Massif Base Camp – Summit - Vinson Massif BC – 
Union Glacier – Punta Arenas - Santiago, Chile

An expedition to Vinson Peak is often called the “Key to the 7 Summits”. The mountain itself does not present serious technical problems, but it is very difficult to even reach it. Mount Vinson is very remote and therefore any expedition is very expensive. The rewards is great: climbing the highest summit of Antarctica is an incredible experience in itself and for many the final step to reaching their 7 summits goal.

A trip to Vinson Massif is exceptionally interesting, beautiful and prestigious. So far very few people have done it and for most, it is the highlight of their "7 summits quest".

Our program starts in Punta Arenas (Chile). From there, a special Ilyushin-76 aircraft takes us to the Union Glacier camp in Antarctica and lands on the ice (with wheels). 

From the Union Glacier camp, a small ski-equipped plane brings us to Vinson Massif Base Camp (BC), where we pitch our tents. From here we start the ascent of Mount Vinson, using another 2 intermediate camps before attempting to reach the summit of Mount Vinson, the highest point of Antarctica.

Antarctica is an extremely cold place, even in summer, but as compensation, we will have sunlight all day and night, so 24-hours daylight! You will not need head torches and can save on batteries.

We recommend that you arrive in Punta Arenas (Chile) at least 3 days before the official start of the expedition, so you will be ready for a quick departure to Antarctica. Due to the very unstable weather in the area (we fly over the infamous Drake Passage), our flights cannot be definitely planned in advance; the date and flight time is determined by the weather. Sometimes we leave early, but often there are delays as well. The waiting should not be too long (1-3 days), but rare delays of 10 days have been recorded.

Description of the region:
The Vinson Massif is a part of the Sentinel Range (Ellsworth Mountains), lying in the west of Antarctica and overlooking the Ronne Ice Shelf. Discovered in 1935 by the American explorer Lincoln Ellsworth, it is the highest massif on the continent and the highest peak of Antarctica is Mount Vinson - 16,066 ft or 4,897 m. 

Note that the itinerary below is just a guideline. We will adapt it as needed depending on weather conditions, acclimatisation of the team members etc. The flights could be combined on the same day if needed, more time could be spent in some camps or alternatively, the expedition can be much shorter if all goes well and you could be back in Chile ahead of schedule.

In this magnificent land of wide open landscapes, majestic beauty and rugged tales of exploration, Adventure Network International introduces the challenging expedition-style program, Ski Last Degree. Ski Last Degree captures the essence of polar exploration in a 2-3 week trip. It is ideal for those who want the serious challenge of a polar expedition, but do not have the time or resources to commit to a full-length expedition from the coast. 

This incredible journey allows you to experience at first hand some of the challenges and insights that faced the early explorers, as you travel by ski the last 60 nautical miles, to reach the most southerly point on earth - the Geographic South Pole. The rewards for your effort are tangible - the bonds of friendship built through shared challenge and the knowledge that you have arrived at the ultimate destination, the South Pole, through your own effort and determination.

Tips guidelines (important information!)
Вы доверяете гидам свою жизнь и здоровье, и самое главное, ваше время и деньги. А они берут на себя все эти заботы и ответственность за Вас и за успех мероприятия 24 часа в сутки на все время поездки. Гиды и обслуживающий персонал в поездке ожидают от Вас чаевые в размере 10-20 долларов с каждого клиента за каждый день работы. Если Вам все понравилось, Вы остались живы и здоровы, можете заплатить им больше! Все чаевые можно отдать Главному гиду и он сам распределит их между всеми работниками. Не забудьте перед отъездом поблагодарить Гидов и работников. И вы увидите их счастливые и благодарные глаза!
Necessary travel papers (documents)
Загранпаспорт, действительный не менее 3-х месяцев после планируемого возвращения из Республики Чили.
Заполненные формы для посещения Антарктиды
Чилийская мультивиза*

*для граждан Российской Федерации безвизовый режим с 2011 года (пребывание на территории Республики Чили без виз в течение общего суммарного срока 90 суток на протяжении каждого периода в 180 суток, считая с даты первого въезда.)

Подробнее: Консульский департамент МИД России

*для граждан Украины безвизовый режим с 2015 года

На границе необходимо предъявить обратный билет.

1. Обязательно уточните у нашего менеджера необходимость оформления визы для въезда в страну

2. Обязательно убедитесь в наличии свободных страниц в Вашем Заграничном паспорте и что действие паспорта заканчивается более чем через 6 месяцев
By air and by land
В стоимость входят все перелёты в Антарктиде.
В стоимость входит бесплатный провоз 25 кг личного багажа в Антарктиду.
В Пунта Аренасе есть различные гостиницы 2-4*
Гостиница оплачиваются дополнительно на месте. В стоимость тура входит бронирование гостиницы.
В Антарктиде мы живём в хороших 2-3 местных палатках.
До вылета в Антарктиду вы питаетесь сами. Перед вылетом в Антарктиду мы закупаем в Пунта Аренасе все необходимые продукты.
В лагере на Юнион Глетчер мы питаемся в большой базовой палатке кухне-столовой.
Во время перехода еду гот гиды в палатках на горелках. Воду топят из снега.
С группой работает гид от Клуба 7 Вершин на 3-5 участников.
Health and medical insurance
В экспедиции всегда присутствует аптечка.
Однако, Ваши индивидуальные специфические лекарства необходимо привезти с собой.

Каждый участник должен быть застрахован на сумму не менее 300 000 долл. США.

Ни одна российская страховая компания не страхует поездки в Антарктиду.
Поэтому мы рекомендуем застраховаться в одной из американских компаний, которые рекомендуют наши партнеры. Просьба уточнять информацию дополнительно.
В Антарктиде ЛЕТО.
Когда солнце не закрыто облаками, то температура в палатках до +10С. Возможна пурга. Днём средняя температура -10С
Extra expenses
Проживание в г.Пунта Аренас 100-150 долларов в день
Питание в г Пунта Аренас 50-100 долларов в день
Провоз багажа свыше 25 кг (70 долларов за 1 кг)
Internet, phone
В Антарктиде работает только спутниковый телефон "ИРИДИУМ"
Possibility of renting personal equipment
Пожалуйста, дайте нам знать заранее, если нужно арендовать какое-либо снаряжение. Магазины в Пунта-Аренас имеют очень ограниченный выбор.
Personal gear
Shared equipment for BC (provided by 7 Summits Club)
Tents (2-3 members to a tent)
Kitchen utensils (gas-stoves, pots and pans)
Satellite phone (5 USD per 1 minute)
First-aid kit
Solar battery

Personal gear
Rucksack (40-50 liters)
Photo camera
Video camera and accessories

Down or synthetic fibers filled parka with a large hood (with secure fixing), good for -40°C, -40°C. Our suggestion: “North Face Baltoro” or “Marmot 8000 M. Parka”
Breathable windproof jacket with large hood and pockets (Gore Tex is not recommended!). We suggest “Wintergreen Designs Anorak”. You can sew a long-fur ruff to the inside edge of the hood, which will keep your face reasonably warm even in strong wind.
Breathable windproof pants with full side zips: UN-coated Nylon, Pertex, or Ventile (windproof cotton). Gore Tex not recommended! One-piece wind suit will do as well, but it must have a drop seat or a circle zip for toilet use.

Set of lightweight thermal base layer, top and bottom. Merino wool, Capilene, or other high-quality synthetic. A zipped T-neck is best for the top. Our suggestion: Patagonia, North Face, Marmot, Icebreaker brands. No cotton!
Set of expedition weight thermal base layer, top and bottom. Wool or synthetic, the same brands as above.
Pair of fleece or pile skiing pants, made of Polartec 200 or Softshell fabric. A one-piece suit must have a drop seat or center zip for toilet use. Arc’teryx, North Face, or Mountain Equipment Coop.
Mid-weight wool, pile, or fleece sweater, made of Polartec 200.
Warm fleece jacket with pockets (the latter are a must!). Polartec 200-300, “Puffball” or “Softshell”. Our suggestion: Arc’teryx Gamma MX hoody, Patagonia Houdini, or North Face Denali.
Thick wool or wool or wool blend socks – 4 pairs
Thinner wool or synthetic liner socks – 2 pairs
Pair of vapour barrier socks. Our suggestion: Black Diamond or Climb High.
Pair of insulated down or synthetic camp booties with non-slip soles, for short outings from the tent.
Windproof fleece hat with good ear flaps and preferably a built-in visor: Columbia or Outdoor Research.
Lightweight wool or fleece hat as a reserve
Fleece neck warmer. This can double up to give a variety of ear, face and neck protection, or be used as an eye shade (24 hour sunlight in Antarctica). Buff brand “Polar Buff” works well.
Lightweight fleece or synthetic balaclava
Pair of windproof, breathable over-mitts (no Gore Tex!). We suggest Lilisport brand.
Fleece or wool mitts to fit inside windproof over-mitts – 2 pairs
Several pairs of lightweight liner gloves
Pairs mid-weight fleece or wool gloves – 2 pairs. Liners should fit inside and both should fit inside over-mittens.
Pair of 100% UV protective sunglasses with a safety cord and side flaps. No metal frames!
Pair of good quality ski goggles with extra lens
Neoprene face mask or Outdoor Research Gorilla Mask.
Handkerchiefs or bandanas for your nose (low temperatures will make it run continuously)
Expedition weight sleeping bag (good for -40°F, -40°C), down-filled preferably. Get a full length mummy bag with a large hood and easy fastening system. We suggest North Face Inferno or similar Marmot or Integral Designs.

1) We have the biggest record of orginizing many commertial technical and altitude expeditions.

2) Our guides are highly experience with guide work on many serious climbs all over the world.

3) We offer the best accommodation and food conditions. Your personal needs any special kinds of food will be considered.

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