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Everest (8848m)


Everest (8848m or 8844m) is Earth's highest mountain above the sea level located on the border of Nepal and Tibet (China). Climbing Everest requires careful preparation: life in expeditionary conditions, overcoming the problems associated with staying in the so-called "death zone" at an altitude above 8000 meters. However, in modern conditions, it can be said that with a proper organization and a sufficient degree of luck, every physically healthy person can climb Everest.

April, 2021
Last news

24.12.2020 - The 7 Summits Club wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

19.12.2020 - Videos and photos. Preparation for the spring Himalayan expedition of the 7 Summits Club on Lhotse and Everest

05.12.2020 - The 7 Summits Club wishes Nikolay Cherny a Happy Birthday!

14.08.2020 - The team of the 7 Summits Club climbed two peaks of Mount Elbrus at once

27.07.2020 - There Are Seven Summits! The 7 Summits Club congratulates Oleg Savchenko on completing the climbing program on all continents!

18.05.2020 - Who missed Facundo? Who missed Everest? We have something fresh for You…

17.03.2020 - Nepal is closed.  It is time for virtual climbing Everest

30.01.2020 - He left a successful career to scale mountains and he's never been happier

28.01.2020 - Two Everests! Alex Abramov will climb Everest from the South! How everything will be organized in the 2020 season

16.01.2020 - The 7 Summit Club wishes Alexander Abramov a happy birthday!


Everest 2016 – the expedition of the 7 Summits Club. Filming "High-altitude Gene". Ascent

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Everest 2012. Part 1

2010. International Everest Expedition of the Seven Summits Club. Part 1

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Everest 2009. The first expedition of the 7 Summits Club from the South. Approach and acclimatization

Everest 2007. Successful expedition, all members on the summit!

Everest 2007. The 7 Summits Club Expedition. Part 1. 

Everest-2006. The most dramatic expedition. Summit, death and rescue

Russian Adventure Team and 7 Summits Club expedition. Everest spring 2005

On the 30th anniversary of the historical expedition “Everest Peace Climb”

Big interview with Alex Abramov. Fragments. Fully - in Russian

New project of the 7 Summits Club. "7 Summits s in 7 months with Alexander Abramov". Join the record of Russia!

Slideshow from Vasily Shakhnovsky

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How to climb Mount Everest (according to Noel Hanna, who’s climbed it eight times)

Tatiana Yalovchak Ukrainian summiter of Mount Everest

Great Success of the Congress of Everest Climbers

Iljas Tukhvatullin: in memoriam

Our friend Lincoln Hall, who survived the Death Zone of Mt Everest, is died.

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