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Manaslu (8156m)

August, 2019
Last news

14.05.2019 - "The High-Altitude Gene - 2"! - this autumn in the expedition of the 7 Summits Club on Manaslu

24.11.2017 - The 7 Summits Club congratulates on the first ascent, climbing a cool route and a championship title!

23.10.2017 - Thank you all! The 7 Summits Club celebrated its anniversary in a circle of friends, in a great location. MANY PHOTOS

10.10.2017 - Big Nepal season starts. Saturday a big trekking expedition "Around Manaslu" starts from Moscow

02.10.2017 - Alex Abramov: Briefly about the results of the Manaslu expedition and plans of the 7 Summits Club

02.10.2017 - Three videos from Manaslu

29.09.2017 - The whole team is in the base camp! You can congratulate!!! 29 PHOTOS FROM MANASLU!

29.09.2017 - SUMMIT! The second group climbed Mount Manaslu and goes down to the base camp

28.09.2017 - Photos from the top - from the first our group of Manaslu expedition

28.09.2017 - SUMMIT! The first group climbed Mount Manaslu - all 12 people

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