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Flight to North Pole (by helicopter)

3 days
Group: 1-10
21 990 EUR
Deposit: 5 000 EUR
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Day 1
Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen Arrival to Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen. Meeting at the Longyearbyen airport and transfer to your independently booked hotel in Longyerbyen. Free time in the city. 19:00 - Information meeting, where our staff will brief you on the current situation at the Barneo Ice Camp, inform about polar flight departure time, and answer any questions you might have. 20:00 Welcome dinner in a restaurant.
Day 2
2017 Barneo Transfer to the airport for the flight to Barneo Ice Camp. Flight Longyearbyen - Barneo on the aircraft AN-74 (approximate flight time 2 hours 30 minutes). Arrival to Barneo, which is about 89 degrees north latitude. Accommodation in the heated tents (each tent can accommodate 10-12 people). At first chance MI-8 helicopter will take you to the geographic North Pole (the approximate flight time 40 minutes). The celebration of reaching the North Pole! You can phone your relatives and friends by satellite phone. In the environs of the North Pole you spend 1-2 hours. Returning to the ice camp by helicopter MI-8 (approximate flight time 40 minutes). The ceremony of awarding certificates of reaching the North Pole in the most north cafe - Polar Cafe Barneo! Night in heated tents Barneo Ice Camp.
Day 3
Barneo Free time at Barneo. An incomparable day at Barneo. You can see the work of scientific expeditions at the ice camp, the process of diving under ice or daily life of the drifting station and visit lectures by our lecturers. You may try to be a Polar skier, crossing the endless polar desert: we provide you with a set of ski and a fully loaded sledge. You will ski around the ice camp and fill with your own body: how it is to cross the Polar ice! You may experience optional activities as a North Pole Polar Plunge in a polynya (a pool, made in the ice with sea water), Polar Sauna, Ice Diving at the North Pole or even a Parachute Jump at the North Pole (all activities must be booked in advance). Flight to Longyearbyen on the AN-74 (approximate flight time 2 hours 30 minutes). On arrival to Longyearbyen transfer to your hotel.
Date Guides Price Group
April 15 - April 17, 2020
21 990 EUR
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April 16 - April 18, 2020
21 990 EUR
Date Guides Price Group
April 15 - April 17, 2020
21 990 EUR
  query place
April 16 - April 18, 2020
21 990 EUR
Price includes
  • Flights Longyearbyen - Barneo - Longyearbyen
  • Helicopter flights Barneo - North Pole - Barneo
  • All transfers
  • Accommodation on the Barneo
  • Full board at Barneo
  • Disposable plates, spoons, forks and cups (2 sets per visiting per person)
  • Certificate of achievement of the North Pole
  • Certificate ceremony in the Polar Cafe Barneo
  • Guides and representatives service
  • 15 kilos of luggage for the charter flights
  • Welcome dinners at the restaurant
  • Predeparture materials
  • Mandatory health insurance with the emergency evacuation coverage for 100 000 euro
Price does not include
  • Flights to/from Longyearbyen (Svalbard)
  • Accommodation and meal in Longyearbyen (Svalbard)
  • Any unexpected additional payments associated with the delay of any flight
  • Additional program in Longyearbyen (Swalbard)
  • Personal equipment
  • Transfers in Longyearbyen (except those specified in the program)
  • Any alcoholic beverages
  • Trip cancellation insurance, baggage insurance
  • Souvenirs and postal services
  • Overweight luggage — 25 Euro/kilo

Trip overview

Longyearbyen (Svalbard) - Barneo Ice Camp - North Pole - Barneo Ice Camp - Longyearbyen (Svalbard)

 The North Pole is the northernmost point on Earth, lying diametrically opposite the South Pole. It defines geodetic latitude 90° North, as well as the direction of True North. At the North Pole all directions point south; all lines of longitude converge there, so its longitude can be defined as any degree value. While the South Pole lies on a continental land mass, the North Pole is located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean amidst waters that are almost permanently covered with constantly shifting sea ice. This makes it impractical to construct a permanent station at the North Pole (unlike the South Pole).    In recent years, journeys to the North Pole by air (landing by helicopter or on a runway prepared on the ice) or by icebreaker have become relatively common event, and are available to small groups of tourists through adventure holiday companies. The most exciting way is to reach the Pole by ski crossing last degree (111 km).


Good advice

* The program  depends on the weather conditions maximum!

IMPORTANT: The program can change over time. The changes depending on the weather, ice or other conditions. 

VERY RECOMMENDED have  about 2 weeks of free time for this trip and do not plan anything important during this period !!! Dates scheduled flight can be delay several times due to bad weather or other reasons.

 All additional payments associated with the delay of any flight (accommodation, meals, excursions, changging of any tickets, transfers, etc)  do not included to the price!

It is strongly recommended to have a supply of free time, changeable tickets and insure the potential risks associated with the cancellation or inability trip.

Tips guidelines (important information!)
You entrust your life, health, your time and money to the guides. And the guides take this responsibility for you and for the success of the whole trip. They are doing this 24 hours.
By air and by land
Aircraft flights Longyearbyen Barneo Longyearbyen (AN-24 airplane)
Helicopter flights according to the programme (MI-8)
The personnel consists of the professional scientists and polar explorers - acting as logistics supervisors, lead guides and creators of the programs.
The air temperature in the Pole vicinity during the expedition period lies usually between -20 C and -35 C and it is good if you have endured it in the past. Apart that wind may dramatically increase cooling effect. Daily temperature deviations in the Arctic are not significant in April. Sun neither sets nor rises high over the horizon.
Internet, phone
Not available in Barneo Ice Camp
Personal gear

You should bring your own:

Winter coat and trousers with Thinsulate insulation: 1 set
Expedition footwear: 1 pair
Expedition mittens: 1 pair
Woolen hat with Windstopper membrane: 1
Thin underwear made of Polycolon (so-called thermal underwear): 1 set
Fleece jacket and trousers made of Polartec 300 or Polartec 200
Mittens or gloves you are usually using during the winter: 1 pair
Thick expedition socks: 2 pairs
Sunglasses 100% UV & IR: 1
Sun protection cream: SPF 40
Hygienic lipstick: SPF 40
Personal medical kit: medicine, you normally take along with aspirin, plaster, bandage, etc.
Large bag or rucksack for your gear: 1 or 2
Casual look garment for civilized places
P.S. Polartec 300 or 200 jacket and trousers could be replaced with your usual winter pullovers and long knit pants if worn over the thermal underwear.

Other useful things you might bring:

Compression bags and stuff sacks
Photo and video equipment
Additional information
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