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Crimean rocks (1000m)

January, 2020
Last news

02.12.2019 - In Crimea, the 7 Summits Club continues training programs of the Mountaineering School. Evgeny Vdovin on the route

25.11.2019 - Monuments in their lifetime!  In honor of Alexander Abramov and Ludmila Korobeshko named two new, beautiful climbing routes to the legendary mountain Shaan-Kaya

14.10.2019 - The team of the 7 Summits Club climbed a beautiful route "Kenya" on the Crimea rocks

14.10.2019 - The team of the 7 Summits Club climbed a most beautiful rock route of the Crimea "Miskhorsky grottoes»

12.10.2019 - The team of the 7 Summits Club led by its leadership climbed a via-ferrata  route on Ilyas-Kaya in the Crimea

11.10.2019 - Into the Crimea for one single day with the 7 Summits Club. See offers from our Climbing school

03.10.2019 - New climber in the Mountain School of the 7 Summits Club in the Crimea. And she already climbed the route Louis-Philippe

28.09.2019 - Sergey Korkin with the guide of 7 Summits Club goes on one of the most difficult rock walls of the Crimea

22.09.2019 - Alexander Abramov and Mikhail Turovsky climbed two difficult routes on the rocks of the Crimea with a guide Alexander Marinkevich

22.09.2019 - Photos and video from the Crimea by Alexander Abramov, from the route via Ferrata, which is now included in the program of our Mountaineering School

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