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SUMMIT!  The team of Olga Rumyantseva climbed Mount Orizaba. After bad weather the route was snowy and fresh. PHOTOS

Pico de Orizaba (Citlaltépeti), at 5700 m (18,707 ft) Mexico's highest mountain, lies on the border with the state of Puebla about 30km/19mi north of Orizaba. It is best climbed from its west ... read more »

05/05/2018 12:55

Olga Rumyantseva, guide of the 7 Summits Club from Mexico:

Today, our group climbed on Orizaba. Everyone who wanted to and went on the ascent, stood on top of the highest volcano in North America. Before that there were days of acclimatization. On the eve of the ascent it was raining. It lasted till ten o'clock. But by twelve, when we were about to go out, we were finally shown the stars. Having overcome the stone obstacles and endless steep snow climb, our group reached the top!






















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