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Australia & Oceania


Australia - the smallest continent and the most plain. In the east and south-east there are small but picturesque mountains. The highest peak of Mount Kosciuszko – it is our traditional goal. However, this is the case when the path to the goal more important than the goal itself. We see the city a model of architecture, order and well-kept in all, we see beautiful landscapes, this ocean, and, above all, wild animals, birds, fish, people ...

For Australia, as part of the world, we assign  New Zealand, a beautiful archipelago with mountains resembling the Alps and even more severe. To Australia are included thousands of islands, the largest of which New Guinea is divided into two parts, by administrative boundary. In the west, in the Indonesian part we go for the highest peak of all this - Pyramid Carstenzs. In the Independent, the eastern part - one of the seven volcanoes "- Giluve ....

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